A brand new store for inspiring words

that can spread good vibes AND

help comfort anyone, anywhere

(including YOU).

This print-on-demand retail outlet is a

'love project' that features favourite wisdom

and potent 'seed' messages hand written by

Amanda Fleming (teacher/author/evolutionary)

"Notice what you notice"

is a mindfulness idea that helps raise awareness and choice in life day-to-day.

Noticing grows awareness

(and awareness is a human superpower)

If you have worked with me you know this HAD to be the first product didn't it?

Enjoy your cuppas

"Love is the answer"

is an oldie quote by Einstein (and such a goodie).

It is one seed thought that infuses my days.

How can we add more love to a troubled world?

Small gestures can make monumental differences - when love is the answer.

This is a small 'treat gift' for you or someone you care about.

As a little launch special,

you can save the cost of a cuppa with shipping included.

(There is also a surprise gift with every purchase - see below)

Like a Onesie with that?

There are NINE Mugs in the launch series

You can see the launch series by clicking below

Launch BONUS

Complimentary digital book - with every order during launch!

"Activate Your Human Superpowers

- a path to your potential"

by Amanda Fleming

This is a popular and practical self-help guide to personal evolution written by a life long specialist is yours with every order (value $14.95).

Click the pic for a sample taster.

You will also go on the mailing list so you get access to special offers and hear first about new #wordsonstuff. 

(I don't send junk mail and you can unsub any time - no hard feelings).

With every purchase you pay it forward...

The fine print: This is a dream project - to be a philanthropist when I grow up (63 and counting).

All profits go towards scholarships for life changing educational workshops I facilitate that can end up out of reach for some they could really help.

A small gift to yourself or someone you care about means you also get to gift to someone you don't even know, and you will likely never know the influence you had.

A little multiplied by a lot helps more people.

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